EPCS: Order vEMR Mobile Software for

Doctors to Sign Medication Orders on Their Mobile Handheld Devices


vEMR Mobile Software allows physicians who use RHS's VISUAL EMR Software to sign Medication Orders remotely on their mobile handheld devices. The most popular handheld devices are supported including Apple iPad and iPhone and Samsung Android.

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A bundle of 10 x 2 year licenses (i.e., for 10 physicians) is $1,995. A single 2 year physician license is $295.

To order the vEMR Mobile Software load the vEMR Order Form, complete the fields highlighted in yellow, and email the completed form to HZelcer@ReliableHealth.com.

After receiving the completed form we will send you a spreadsheet listing all your doctors for you to indicate who should receive a vEMR Mobile license.