P4386 Print MDS Schedule

Abstract: The program shows, for non-Medicare residents, when their next MDS is due.

Setup. From any CHARTS menu type [GM, 17, 2] or NHMA and press ENTER. 

At MDS 2 Spacing __ __ __ __ __ type 5 numbers that reflect how your facility calculates when the MDS is due as follows:

Field 1. The number of days between one MDS and the next. Suggested value is 90.

Field 2. For an Admission Assessment (AA8=1) the number of days from an admission until the Admission Assessment is due. Suggested value is 14.

Field 3. The number of days from the start of the MDS (A3 Assessment Reference Date) until it is complete (VB2 RAP Assessment Complete Date.)

Field 4. The number of days from the start of the MDS (A3 Assessment Reference Date) until the CCP meeting.

Field 5. The number of days that the MDS Assessment Reference Date may vary from the schedule before it is considered to be out-of-schedule.

Field 6. For the Rap Alert Days column, the number of days after the Assessment Reference Date.

Press ENTER.

1. From any CHARTS menu type [GM, 3, 5, 2, 14] or M2RSCHD and press ENTER.

The following screen appears:

                               M D S 2.0
                     - PRINT ASSESSMENT SCHEDULE - 

      Patient Id : A            To Id : ZZ          
      From Date :          To Date:         
      From Unit :          To Unit: ZZ      
      Review Types _ Initial/Annual/Quarterly: YYY Discharge Report: N     
      Separate Page for each Unit/Patient: NN
      Sort Order _ Patient (1) Flag on past missing reviews: N
                   Date (2)
                   Unit/Patient (3)
                   Unit/Date (4): 4
      Print Option    : P                      1  2   3   4   5   6
      Lines Per Page  : 84 Spacing Parameters: 90 14  2   14  1   0 
      Laser = 84 Band = 66

2. Specify a range of resident, dates, and nursing units.

3. Review Types The types of MDS reviews to be included Type a Y or an N for each of the following review types to be included in the schedule: Initial, Annual, and Quarterly.

4. Discharge Report Y = Only print the Discharge report (i.e., a report showing all discharges that are due.)

N = Only print the regular MDS schedule.

5. Separate page Type a Y or N for each of the following to appear on a separate page: each nursing unit, and each resident.

6. Sort Order Choose the order the outstanding MDSs should appear:

1 = Resident order
2 = Date order
3 = Unit/Resident order
4 = Unit/Date order

7. Flag on past missing reviews Type a Y or N indicating whether missed MDS reviews should be shown.

8. Spacing parameter These parameters are initialized from the user parameter file (see above), and are not modifiable.

9. Press ENTER.


Question. Which record types are taken into account?

Answer. Annual, Admit (14 day), Significant Change and Corrections, and Quarterlies. I.e., AA8a = 1,2,3,4, and 5  and (as of 6/27) AA8b = 7 and 4.

Question. What happens if I do an assessment early?

Answer. The previous assessment (even if done early) determines when the next assessment is due. I.e. the previous assessment date plus the value in Field 1 (usually 90). Note, this implies that if the quarterly assessments are done early then the annual assessment will be due before the year is up.

Question. What is the purpose of the NHOP option 44 M2 No CP 30 Day ?

Answer. A facility has a choice of doing the rap triggers on either the 5 day (AA8b=1) or 14 day (AA8b=7) assessment. If this option is not set the program assumes that the raps are completed by the facility on the14 day assessment. If you do raps on the 5 day assessment set this option to '1'. Note: If you are not consistent and you do your raps sometimes on the 5 day and other times on the 7 day assessment the scheduler program will not work properly.