EPCS: Order a Token from IdenTrust for Identity Proofing and Dual Authentication

For Physicians using VISUAL EMR

Who should participate? Physicians who use VISUAL EMR to prescribe controlled substances.

What is the topic? Physicians will be instructed on how to purchase a Token from IdenTrust.

How long? The Webinar is approximately 9 minutes. Clint here to PRINT HANDOUT,  Click here to WATCH TRAINING VIDEO. Click here to ORDER the IdenTrust Token.

Description: As of March 27, 2016 physicians prescribing controlled medication will need to use Two Factor Authentication. This means, every time a doctor prescribes a controlled substance they will need to identify themselves using two types of identification. The two identification types currently supported by the RHS VISUAL EMR software are: 1) a Token that only the physician has, and 2) a Token Passcode that only the physician knows.

For a doctor to obtain a Token the doctor must register with IdenTrust and prove they are who they say they are (Identity Proofing). After registration a Token will be sent to the doctor by mail. The doctor then completes registration.  There are three (3) types of tokens as shown below:


For Use With

Type of Token

Picture of Token

Total 2 Year Cost VISUAL EMR vEMR Mobile for Handheld Devices
Smart Card and Card Reader

$169 Yes No
USB Token and Extension

$161 Yes No
Hybrid USB/OTP: Plugs into a USB port on a PC, and also generates a code that can be typed into a handheld device.

$237 Yes Yes